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I am missing my spark.

Ever feel like you're wandering through a fog, wondering where your spark went?

Lately, that's been my vibe – a bit of a funk, unmotivated, and feeling like the energy well has run dry. 

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's mercury retrograde...who knows. But instead of diving into the 'whys', I've been leaning into this is just how I feel (without trying to dissect it).

So, I decided to take a little inventory. I made a list of my energy givers and energy suckers – those things that either lift me up or weigh me down. I'll be sharing more about this journey in the upcoming blog posts.

The picture above is a reminder of an energy giver. It's a snapshot from an epic wedding, where I found myself dancing my heart out, surrounded by incredible people, including my boo.  

With that in mind, I've set some intentions for the week ahead:

  1. Dance and Move: Solo dance party in my family room-yes please! I'm making time to let loose, move, and smile.

  2. Connect with My People: I'm carving out moments to reach out, have a chat, or simply share a laugh with the people who bring light into my life.

  3. Listen to Good Ass Music: Cue up the tunes, especially the new Taylor Swift album – because sometimes, a killer beat and powerful lyrics are all you need to shift your mood.

Through all of this, I'm reminding myself that the spark will come back. No state of being lasts forever. 

xoxo, Nicole Byars

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