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Welcome to the heart and soul behind Honest Yoga. Nicole Byars is more than just a yoga teacher; she's a dedicated wellness enthusiast, a compassionate mentor, and a seeker of inner peace. With years of experience in the world of yoga and holistic well-being, Nicole is on a mission to inspire and guide you toward a balanced and joyful life.

nicole byars

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Nicole Byars has multi-years of experience as an accomplished Trauma-Informed Yoga Specialist and a published author, giving her the unique tools to help others step into transformative thinking, creating optimum outcomes both professionally and personally.


With 500-hours as a registered yoga teacher, she is also the visionary behind Honest Yoga Studio in Minneapolis. Overcoming an eating disorder and physical and emotional set-backs, Nicole has discovered the power of inner child work and reframing limiting beliefs, and becoming her own source of support and love.


From tragedy to triumph, Nicole has become a motivating and inspirational expert, helping others to align in order to elevate, taking them to a whole new level in their relationships and their business. She is a respected thought leader in her field and educator for those searching for answers to improve their daily process for living mindfully, productively, and joyfully.

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Nicole invites you to explore the offerings at Honest Yoga and embark on your personal wellness journey. Whether you're seeking tranquility, balance, or transformation, you'll find guidance, support, and a warm community here.

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