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How I turned a burden into a blessing.

Let's talk about money. I want to share a personal story with you on money and shame.

Last week, I had the best coaching call with my mentor, Mary. I’ve been dealing with some serious shame and issues around money, and I finally decided to talk to her about my biggest fears.

Until that call with Mary, I hadn't fully realized where all my money shame was coming from. We dug deep and uncovered that a lot of it stemmed from the EIDL (Economic Injury Disaster) loan I took out during the pandemic to keep my two studios and franchise business going. Carrying that business debt has been a heavy burden for me.

Mary asked me what the loan was used for, and I laid it all out. It paid for the 20 teachers I had on payroll, the rent for both studio spaces, my salary, and so much more. By keeping our doors open, both in the studio and virtually, we were able to support and help our communities in so many ways.

As I shared all this, I got chills. Then Mary asked, Have you ever thought of thanking the debt? Look at what this money did for you, your family, your teachers, their families, and your community.

It hit me hard. She was so right. I started to see the loan as something to be grateful for. Now, every time I look at it and make a payment, I say thank you and view it as a gift. Instead of seeing it as shameful, I see it as a blessing.

And instead of beating myself up over it, I can now recognize how resourceful I was during that time. I never gave up, I kept pushing and pivoting, and that is pretty badass.

So, where can you reframe your perspective? Is there something in your life that feels heavy and overwhelming? By finding a way to reframe your belief in a way that feels real and genuine, you can shift the energy and see it in an entirely new light.

As always, thanks for reading...I hope this resonates with some of you. 

xoxo, Nicole

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