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Creating A Spiritual Practice

Starting a spiritual practice is like stepping into a big garden of self-discovery, filled with faith, wisdom, and inner peace all around. Much like a garden, your spiritual practice can take on a unique shape and form, tailored to your own beliefs. Whether you're connecting with God, the Universe, your higher self, or the essence of love itself.

The beauty of spirituality is that it's a deeply personal and ever-evolving experience. To me, a spiritual practice is similar to tending to your own inner garden. It's about nurturing space for asking, listening, and simply being. Let me explain.

First, We Pray or Ask

Picture this as the first step in planting seeds of intention within your spiritual garden. When we pray or ask, we're essentially sowing the desires of our hearts into the rich soil of the universe. It's like sharing your dreams and hopes with the universe, hoping they'll grow and bloom.

Imagine sitting quietly, your eyes closed or gazing at the sky, as you send your thoughts and intentions into the vast world. You might seek guidance, strength, or simply express gratitude. These moments of connection through prayer or intention-setting create a bridge between your inner world and the greater energy that surrounds you.

Next, We Listen

Once you've planted those seeds of intention, it's time to listen and observe. Here's where spirituality gets truly magical. When you quiet your heart and mind, you start picking up on the universe's gentle hints. These nudges can come in many forms - a sudden insight, a gentle nudge, an unexpected encounter, or even a vivid dream. Listening is a skill that grows stronger with practice. It involves tuning into your intuition, being open to signs and synchronicities, and embracing the lessons that life presents.

Finally, We Simply Be

Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, the concept of 'being' often gets overshadowed. Yet, it's an essential part of your spiritual practice. To 'be' is to find solace in the present moment.

Imagine yourself sitting under a cozy tree in your own spiritual garden, wrapped in the comfort of acceptance and love. It's a place where your past and future don't define you, and you're free to simply be - to breathe, feel, and soak in the beauty of the moment. Think of it as your personal hideaway, where you can recharge your spirit and discover that elusive inner peace we often lose in life's chaos.

So, my friends, keep in mind that your practice is like a living thing. It's like tending to a garden, where your intentions are the seeds, your presence is the water, and you can watch it grow with wisdom and grace. Whether you've been on this path for a while or just started, make it your special place for connection, growth, and simple moments. It's all about asking, listening, and being yourself - and it's your very own adventure to embrace.

Signing off till next time....xoxo Nicole

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