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Nicole offers a variety of engaging and informative topics for your event:

  • Mind-Body Connection: Understanding the Role of Yoga in Trauma Recovery For Veterans

  • Align to Elevate: Learn to Connect with Your Inner Wisdom, Improve Your Energy, and Take Aligned Action 

  • Negative Thinking Adversely Impacts Individual and Team Productivity: Nicole’s Proven Methods to Increase Motivation, Raise Morale, Strengthen Communication

  • Healing Through Movement: The Science Behind Trauma-Informed Yoga 

If you are interested in having Nicole speak specifically to the veterans community, please click here to learn more. 


We don’t have any products to show here right now.

invite nicole to speak at your event

If you're interested in booking Nicole Byars as a speaker for your upcoming event, workshop, or conference, please reach out to us for inquiries and scheduling.

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